And Jesus said,
"If you continue in My word, you will be My disciple;
and you will know the truth, and it will set you free."

John 8:31-32

The Attributes of God
God is holy & righteous and He loves justice & truth
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The Depravity of Mankind
What God sees when He looks at mankind—
a wicked, corrupt, & rebellious people
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Assurance of Salvation
How do you know if you're truly saved?
Do you measure up to the test?
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TruthSource is committed to revealing and defending the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ by taking its audience to the Bible. The purpose of this website is to glorify God by defending the Christian faith, explaining biblical truths, and exposing false doctrine.

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New Articles

How to Accomplish Marital Duties
The roles and duties which accompany marriage are high and demanding, impossible without the grace of God. Puritan Richard Steele briefly gives several admonitions on how one may accomplish and maintain these duties.


Summary of the Duties of Husbands and Wives
Here is a summary of the duties of husbands and wives, expounded upon by the Puritan Richard Steele. Married couples would do well to take heed to the counsel available in this and its related articles.


Nine Duties of Husbands and Wives
Marriage is the foundation of all society, and so this topic is very important. A godly marriage is a bit of heaven on earth. Reviewing these duties should humble us for our past failures, and challenge us to future improvement.


The Duty of a Wife
The duty of a wife toward her husband is to respect him, following the example of the church, who, as the bride of Christ, honors and submits to the Lord Jesus Christ.


How to Spend the Day With God
Puritan Richard Baxter gives various practical instructions on living a life of holiness and purity, and exhorts his readers to pursue that which is to the glory of God, while avoiding earthly trappings which lead to the corruption of the soul.


Wise Counsel for Preachers
Christian ministers would do well to print out these four simple principles, tuck them in their Bibles, are refer to them every time they preach!

When does regeneration occur?
Before conversion: it enables people to repent and believe
After conversion: it is the result of repentance and faith

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ
His blood was shed. His soul was crushed. He bore the sins of His people and endured the wrath of God in order to purchase salvation. And now He calls all to repent of their sins and believe the gospel.


Seven Things God Hates
Here is a list of things God not only hates but considers abominable. These seven things are characteristics of a person whom the Bible calls worthless and wicked and warns of their sudden and permanent destruction.


The Cost of Becoming a Christian
Religious lies have led people to believe that becoming a Christian is as easy as praying a simple prayer and requires very little cost or no cost at all. But Jesus said it will cost you everything...have you counted the cost?


Pleasures and Self-Righteousness
Are you justifying yourself before God in order to hold onto your sinful pleasures? Jesus commands you to forsake it all and follow Him...will you joyfully comply or walk away sorrowful?